Bahco, is best name in the adjustable spanner,they patented it long back.
JL just purchased for me today29aug2016,

now they have compromised on quality, i purchased 8069c which was sandvik belzer before, but under bhaco brand quality is degraded.not worth 35$ each.

cheap productby bahco.

what is more surprising is, even made in spain or taiwan is not marked on tool, finish is bad, sad to see it.

Wurth zebra

One of excellent cutters n pliers, i have two of them.

Facom elect. screwdriver

Facom screwdrivers with elect sleeves are excellent,i have few of them, cant say best but they are very good, tips are really hard.

Knipex cable cutter

Again a very good product i have from knipex, very sharp, but i had noticed some rusting on cutters.
Other cutter i used is from facom, so it is excellent but not best.

Olfal japan

I have couple of these snap knives, they are too good compare to others i used, only issue i faced was rusting of its blade some times.

NWS Pliers

One of the best pliers one can have, nws make robust hand tools, pliers are best.
I have couple of tools from NWS but will add more soon.

Vintage Bodmann tool

Wooden handle rachet screwdriver, one of the best vintage tool, the quality is so good that even todays brand new cant be compared.
Extremely rare, am surprised by the German workmanship of this tool, its flawless, material is such high quality, feel proud to use it .

Elora screwdrivers

Nice screwdrivers from elora, west germany, initially impression was if they are made in Italy, but its Germany.
Rough and tough, easy to handle , must have in collection.

Wiha screwdrivers

This German product is excellent for screwdrivers, I have few of them with me.
Good thing is their shape and handle grip.

Knipex plier

This is my lucky plier as it was lost and again i found it.
Very tough, there is no side cutter but the teeth sharpness is very fine.

Knipex cobra

This German brand makes excellent pliers, cutters, wrenches, they have lots of patented products specially the pipe wrench is my favrouitee.
Knipex is affordable and easily available in India. I have quite good amount of these tools.
Best thing is the grip and jaws, they are just awesome.
More updates later..

leatherman wave

Robust multi tool, i like all products from leatherman, wave is new in my collection, good thing about this is easily availability anywhere.

Vintage Lucas elliot

This is one of gems in my collection.extremely rugged and strong, made by lucas elliot in 1944, very few such pliers available on ebay.
The quality of steel and workmanship is amazing.
See the riveted pivot, the new lucas tools are not that good as the old ones.

Vintage Terrys spanner UK

Kind of vintage spanners which i have collected, made from hardened steel looks still elegant, but difficult to use

Vintage moore and wright

One of my most fav tool, made in Sheffield, purchased from flea market.
Best part is the wooden handle which is still intact and rust free.I dont know whether gis comp is still existing.

Vintage Klein tools knife

This was gifted to me long back during my school days, not very useful but I like it.
It is made by klein tools US, and i hink it is quite old.

Gedore stubby germany

I am not much keen about gedore tools, i have few stubby from gedore germany, gey are not bad.price of about 20euros each, they are very handy.
Only issue with it is the logo is printed which gets faded in due time.

Note#I dont prefer to copy paste details from Mr Google.

Facom Stubby arb 5.5x4.0

I m personally fan of facom tools, one of he worlds best in quality tools specially the screwdrivers, spanners, they are extremely rugged, this stubby costed me 30euros,

I have only two of them, one with + and one wih - blade.
Note#I dont prefer to copy paste details from Mr Google
I have few more stubby from facom.

Sandvik Belzer spanner 3004N, Sweden

Sandvik belzer are the one of best spanner makers in world, I have used this spanner numerous times still it is as excellent as new.

Now it is not manufactured, rather comming as bahco.
Also the manufacturing is shifted from Sweden to spain, the quality is totally degraded, look cheap and also finish is not good, even logo is blurry, and one more thing, where it is made is not mentioned on spanner.