Vintage hand drill

Vintage hand drills or eggbeater drills as they sometimes called due to its construction, very useful tool, still going well.
make is panther, 1964 make

Gedore plier

Gedore pliers and adjustable pliers are quite good and handy, grip is nice and very sturdy.
I feel it is not well designed specially the plier,

HH tape

some excellent products from hommel  hercules is measing tape, very smooth and handy, I am using this from long time

Facom 113/6 wrench

crome adjustable wrench, i m not a fan of adjustable wrenches from facom,
#best wrenches are from sandvik belzer sweden#

Facom 996.5 CSCCC

robus compact steel cable copper cutter, very handy, rugged, only issue is ..I faced slight rusting on the cutter

Facom AMS

This is worlds best, reversible screwdriver for day to day use.
I have used it so extensively and yet it is as new to look.
its soo robust and strong, thats why I feel it is best in world.